We are living in an age of revolutionary changes and progression, with the latest step forward in a world coming together: talks of taking down of a massive, 53-year old barrier between two countries no more than 90 miles apart.

Although US and Cuban relations have a long road ahead of them to normalization, there is promise, and opportunities, for both countries.

While Cuba’s economy will greatly benefit from improved relations with the US, the US will enjoy better relations with the rest of Latin America, as well as a new, wonderful opportunity for tourism – visits to the beautiful, historical and unaltered lands of Cuba.

In this latest step towards travel promotion between the two countries, the Numarine 78-Foot Still Water has been chartered to bring a group of pioneering travelers to Cuba for several days of exploration and meeting people on the island, including a breakfast feast of smoked salmon, and a tour of the city in a motorcade of 50’s vintage convertibles.

Citimarine Yachts, exclusive US dealer for Numarine

The Numarine Yacht’s trip marks the first legally-chartered trip for “People-to-People” yacht excursions to Cuba since the US trade embargo was implemented in the early 1960’s.

Crossing the nearly mile-deep Florida Straits, this group of 12 travelers enjoyed all of the comforts of Numarine 78 footers’ amenities. According to Citimarine Yachts, US dealer for Numarine Yachts, the Still Water is equipped with two barbecues, satellite TV & internet, wet bar, 4 staterooms, and a Jacuzzi.

Part of the allure of visiting Cuba at this time? Wanting to see the island before changes are made for touristic purposes.

While Havana’s Marina Hemingway has been updated to dock the elegant yachts of this day and age, the vast majority of the island has been left untouched, looking as it did several decades back (with some natural “aging” of course). This in itself is one the main draws of being among the first visits to Cuba.

With much less restrictions, travelers can now obtain a general license visa to visit Cuba for various reasons with less difficulty, use US credit cards or debit cards, be covered by their US health insurances while on the island, enjoy better phone connection to the US due to newly-constructed commercial telecommunication facilities, and bring back up to $400 dollars’ worth of goods legally (up to $100 in alcohol and tobacco).

About Us – Citimarine Yachts

We are the sole dealer for Numarine Yachts here in South Florida, as well as Venezuela. Any questions regarding the 78′ Still Water or any other Numarine Yachts, give us a call!

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